About Us


This page is meant to be about us, but at the end of the day, it's really about you.

You care about performance.
You can't be left with a weak winch that can't pull you out of a sticky situation, so you can count on our gear to give you the best performance.

You know what is quality and what is not.
What good is saving a few dollars if your winch is made out of inferior materials and components. Every detail at Ultra Winch is paid attention to, providing the highest standard of quality in all aspects.

You need reliability.
Picture this; you're stuck in a ditch, you press your wind button on the winch and... it does nothing.
At Ultra Winch, we believe that's simply not an option. With rigorous testing methods backed by our unmatched warranty policy, you can trust the reliability of your new Ultra Winch.

SO, who are we?

Like you, we care about performance, quality and reliability.
In everything, we relentlessly pursue excellence, going above & beyond, and Ultra Winch is an extension of that.

We were once you. We go hard when off road and had high expectations for our equipment. When the market didn't deliver, we took matters into our own hands and formed ULTRA WINCH.

If you've got any questions, chat directly with the team in Melbourne on (03) 7020 0740 or email us at sales@ultrawinch.com.au