new Ultra Winch PDX MK3 release, now Ultra Winch PDX MK3 release, now available.


Limitless Adventure



Great winch used it a few times & hasn’t failed me! Previously had a kings winch which died, due to water ingress, but hopefully the Ultra winch doesn’t do the same since it has a breather hose which is one of the reason i got this winch and their warranty surpassed any other company. Build is solid, very similar to a carbon winch, if anyones Read more about review stating Great winch used it a

looking for a winch would highly recommend getting an Ultra Winch.

Verion T

Just received my Ultra winch. Will be installing this afternoon and giving it a try. If it works half as well as it looks I think I'm onto a winner. With the warranty it came with can't go wrong

Troy B

Best winch I have ever brought looks and works great couldn't be happier

Nicholas M



Do you know how to properly maintain your winch rope?
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