15 Meter Rope Extension - Double Eyelet
15 Meter Rope Extension - Double Eyelet
15 Meter Rope Extension - Double Eyelet

15 Meter Rope Extension - Double Eyelet


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Extend Out...Winch In. 

Whether you need more rope length for a double line pull or simply on a larger track and need that extra length, this rope extension is a must have in your recovery bag. 

We looked at current synthetic ropes available and found two common problems. Abrasion wear across the rope and failing end loops that would need to be cut and re spliced over time. For maximum longevity, we utilised solid, reinforced eyelets and two abrasive resistive sheaths for superior protection and lifespan. 

10mm X 15 Meters Rated to 9300 KG (20,500lbs)


  • UV Resistive, Waterproof, Abrasion 
  • Light weight - Floats on water (and mud!)
  • Suitable as a winch extension or towing rope
  • Solid eyelet ends, no tearing or fraying. 
  • Abrasion resistive sheath (X2)

Fray Resistant

Reinforced Eyelets - Protective Sheaths
  • Protective Sheath

    Rugged recoveries are often prone with jagged rocks and debris that can catch and fray the best of synthetic ropes.  The new 1500mm low friction, poly SLM sliding sheath offers rope protection and decreased resistance. Position the sheath over any obstacles to protect the synthetic rope. 2X thicker sheath than previous model and easier sliding.

  • Do Everything Rope.

    More than just an extension, we often find this rope kit to prove incredibly handy when you need to clear obstacles from tracks such as fallen trees or when running a double line pull. In most situations, you're only running the winch motor to pull a few meters but need a total rope length well over 20 meters to reach what needs moving! 



  • One 15 Meter Rope Extension with two eyelets