100mm Winch Snatch Ring - Recovery Pulley
100mm Winch Snatch Ring - Recovery Pulley
100mm Winch Snatch Ring - Recovery Pulley

100mm Winch Snatch Ring - Recovery Pulley


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Double Line Pull and Re Angling Made Easy.

In the realm of 4WD recoveries, pulleys have become a fundamental tool for two primary reasons: Mechanical Advantage and line angling.

Mechanical Advantage

Achieving twice the pulling force while using twice the rope length, pulleys are ideal for heavy-duty recoveries where additional pulling force is required or when reducing the load on your winch and battery system is desired.

Rope Redirection and Angling

By creating a triangle with your winch, anchored pulley, and desired load, rope redirection allows for versatile maneuvering. Angles ranging from 5 to 180º can be formed. Enabling various tasks such as weaving between trees, removing obstacles off the track from an angle such as fallen trees, or assisting another 4WD vehicle up the same hill.

How does it work?

  • Loop a soft shackle through the snatch ring and a fixed anchor point like your tree protector.
  • Feed your winch rope through the snatch ring, and back to your vehicles dedicated recovery point.

What else do you need?

  • A soft shackle - this attaches the ring pulley to your anchor
  • An anchor to hold the soft shackle in place, such as our tree protector
  • A dedicated recovery point on your vehicle for the winch hook


Light work Rigging.

Super Easy!
  • Cut To Size.

    Designed to accomodate our heavy duty 14ton soft shackles which are thicker than most, this snatch ring maintains a 100mm diameter whilst increasing thickness and centre hole slightly for a correct and confident fit.




  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
Material6061-T6 Aluminium 
ColourCarbon Anodised Black
Outer Diameter100mm
Inner Diameter35mm
RiggingUHMVPE Rope Only
Rope Diameter10-14mm (Heavy Duty)
MBS100 KN (10,1970 KG)