4x4 Electric Winches

4x4 Electric Winches

Go further with our power-packed electric winches 

Go further with increased dependability. We've created the highest performing electric winch range made with the highest quality components and backed by a lifetime mechanical warranty. Increased gearbox ratio, heat sink and breathability allows for longer duty cycles when you need it most with lower current draw.

The tortoise beats the hare.
We found most 4WDs simply don't have the electrical capacity to adequately power winches to their full potential. With many winches focused on maximum line speed at the expense of high current draw and high heat induction, our PDX series has a slight speed reduction with higher gearing to decrease wear and tear whilst achieving increased duty cycle.

4x4 Winches to take you to the next level

Packed with torque and power designed to pull and keep pulling you out. From the balanced armatures, electroplated planetary gear sets and sealed, high-speed bearings, every detail has been engineered to give you maximum performance.