How To Install - Ultra Winch PDX MK4 Electric Winch - @CoreyKirwen


While every vehicle and bull bar comes with its own set of nuances, the foundational steps for installing your Ultra Winch remain consistent. Designed with the end-user in mind, we ensure that our installation process is straightforward. Say goodbye to the hassle of procuring special tools – everything you need for the winch is already packed in the box. Plus, most installations will only require basic hand tools, such as sockets and spanners.

Our collaborator, Corey, crafted a detailed video capturing his installation process. Though his BT50 presents a slightly more complex and time-consuming scenario due to its restricted access, it serves as a comprehensive guide for many installations.

It's worth noting that all bull bars designed for winch integration employ the same mounting stud pattern. Furthermore, any 4WD equipped with a 12V battery in the engine bay will fundamentally follow the basic principle of connecting red to positive and black to negative to power your winch.

If you encounter any uncertainties during your installation, don't hesitate to reach out. Just provide us with your vehicle's make, model, and bull bar, and we'll be right with you.


Access to the Bull Bar

Mounting the Winch to the Cradle

Routing the Motor Breather Valve Kit

Mounting the Control Box Remotely

Routing the Main Power Cables

Mounting the Fairlead Hawse

Pulling the Winch Synthetic Rope & Mounting the Hook

In-Cabin Control Routing


Tensioning the Rope

 Safe winching and happy adventuring!

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