PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb
PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb

PDX MK2 9.5K Premium Electric Winch - 9,500lb


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  • LIfetime + 7 Year Warranty
  • Melbourne Warehouse Dispatch
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PDX Mk2 -Extensively Updated.
Unbeatable Warranty.

Free Bundle - Free 14T Soft Shackle Included.
Ends August 31st Or Whilst Stocks Last.

Go further with increased dependability. New solid cross brace design provides stronger rigidity whilst achieving an industry leading light weight of 20.16kg.
The PDX MK2 is designed to conquer the toughest environments with beefed up components for better longevity and peace of mind. 

Note: Our 12K and 9.5K PDX winches are identical throughout with just different gear ratios which equates to different pulling force and line speed.

PDX Mk2 - 9,5000lb / 4318 KG

  • 90º Rotatable clutch housing design for easy access 
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • 7 Year Electrical winch Warranty
  • 7 Year Water Ingress Warranty
  • Wired and wireless hand remote included
  • Winch hook with strap
  • Fairlead included
  • 202:1 Three stage planetary gearbox
  • 400A Solenoid - IP67 Waterproof: Extension Wiring Relocation Kit Available (beware of exaggerated figures).
  • Battery Isolation Switch - Safety Key
  • 25Mx10.0mm 16,800lbs rated rope
  • 20.16kg Weight with synthetic rope. 22.5kg With Controller box, wiring and bolts. 
  • Complies with most 10,000lbs vehicle chassis warranties.
  • Complies with most 10,000lbs limit bull bar warranties.

PDX MK2 Updates

  • Smaller control box. (Relocatable. Can be installed adjacent to winch within bull bar).
  • Updated synthetic rope with stronger, solid eyelet.
  • New in cabin wired controller included.
  • New multi fit fair lead (off set and standard orientation).
  • Thicker gauge and longer length control box wiring.

Free Courier Delivery Australia Wide. Same day despatch.

Control box can be relocated adjacent to the winch within the bull bar.


Extensively Better.

  • Just Breathe…r Valve.

    The included breather valve kit reduces air pressure build up from the 4.8KW motor during hard operation. 
    Under rapid heating and cooling, conventional fully sealed winches can suffer from a build up in pressure resulting in seal failure.
    Fast negative pressure drop is the number one culprit for moisture ingress as a hot winch can easily suck in water when submerged and rapidly cooled. The breather valve kit is a must needed feature for any winch as it eliminates pressure differential ensuring maximum seal protection. 

  • Relentlessly Powerful. 

    The PDX takes an efficiency approach to winching, we don't believe in overly high powered motors which present fast speeds on paper, but in reality induce heat much faster and often strain batteries, overall reducing the duty cycle for a slower overall recovery. 

    Designed to pull and keep pulling, our custom designed electric motor won't love you and leave you. From the balanced armatures, electroplated planetary gear sets and sealed, high speed bearings, every detail has been engineered to give you maximum performance. 
    Genuine 6.5HP rated motor (4.8KW)


    Where conventional designs consist of only two separate cross bars the PDX features a unique single cast torsional brace to provide the ultimate rigidity and strength in torsional bending.

  • Faster Recoveries

    Dial in the clutch handle position for ergonomic access. Disengaging the gearbox provides effortless and fast line pulling for faster recoveries.


    New and improved multi fit fair lead has three mounting orientations to provide varying rope guidance offset to ensure the best configuration for your bull bar. 

  • Take Control. Wirelessly. 

    With PDX, recoveries start when you press winch in with a permanently active inbuilt wireless receiver, not when you're searching for wireless dongles to plug into a control box buried in mud. For redundancy a 3.5M wired hand controller is also included. 
    New Unique In Cabin Controller: We bring a new form of dependable control, a permanently wired in cabin controller. Give the wireless controller to your spotter and recovery with one finger operation.

  • Super Low Friction.

    Rugged recoveries are often prone with jagged rocks and debris that can catch and fray the best of synthetic ropes.  The new 1500mm low friction, poly SLM sliding sheath offers rope protection and decreased resistance. Position it the sheath over any obstacles to protect the synthetic rope. 2X thicker sheath than previous model and easier slider. 

  • FREE 14T Soft Shackle - Bundle Deal

    An absolute must to have in your recovery kit! Soft shackles are the next generation D shackle replacement. Making connections easier, safer and longer lasting with less wear and tear. Promotion ends 31st July 11:59pm AEST



  • 7 Year Product Warranty
  • 7 Year Water Ingress Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Gear Train Warranty

Performance with less current draw.

Line pull lbs(kgs)Line speed metre/min(inch/min)Current (Amps)
05.22 (205.5)65
2000(907)4.34 (171)125
4000(1818)3.1 (122.5)179
6000(2727)2.68 (105.6)224
8000(3636)2.3 (90.5)265
9500(4318)2.13 (84)310






Voltage12V DC
Rated To9,500lbs - 4.31 tonnes
Rope9.5mm x24M
ControlWired Remote + Wireless Controller
Gear Train3 Stage Planetary - Sealed - 202:1 Ratio
BrakingAutomatic load holding
Drum Size63.5mmx224mm
Motor6.5Hp - 4.8kW, Wound sealed
Mounting Bolt Pattern254x114.3mm
Dimensions (WxHxD)564mm x 281mm x 160mm


  • PDX MK2 9.5K Winch - 9,500lbs
  • Controller Box - Inbuilt Wireless Receiver
  • Breather Valve With Hose Kit
  • Wiring Kit
  • Battery Isolation Switch
  • Hand Wired Remote 
  • In Cabin Wired Remote 
  • Wireless Remote 
  • Fairlead (Three Positions)
  • Battery Isolation Switch